Burnham Boilers

At Bublitz Plumbing & Heating Inc., we want to provide our customers with ultimate comfort and efficiency year round.  We train and install with numerous types of heating and cooling equipment.  Furnaces can be standard single stage, variable speed, or communicating with or without an efficient ECM blower motor.  Boilers also have multiple options.  Steel, Cast Iron, or High Efficient with a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and outdoor reset.  All homes are different and not every customer will require the same equipment that is installed next door.  Let us come out and listen to your concerns.  Then we can discuss your options to provide you with better comfort or control over your HVAC equipment.

We service most lines of gas or oil furnaces and hot water heat systems.  We install and service heating and cooling equipment for your home, condo, garage, or any other building you need conditioned.  Do you have hot water heat and would like air conditioning?  We can find the solution by the use of a mini split.  Would you like to have warm feet in the morning while it is snowing outside or warm shower walls?  Contact us so we can discuss your options. 

For all your Home comfort needs

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