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Does your toilet look like this or does your drinking water smell?  Click on the toilet for a WI DNR publication that explains the steps on how to disinfect your well.

Click the DNR link for answer to questions about common water contaminants in drinking water.


Do you need your well water tested to see if the water you drink is free of bacteria or E-coli?  Do you need a well inspection to complete your home sale?  Bublitz Plumbing and Heating is licensed and employs licensed pump installers.  All drinking water wells in the State of Wisconsin are regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Only those persons holding a current pump installer license from the Wisconsin DNR may install and replace pumps, pitless adapters and accessory piping and pressure tanks on both drilled and driven point potable wells.  Contact us for any of your well questions or needs. 

Click on the WI DNR logo for publications that may pertain to you and your well. 

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